Medical Center Company of Cleveland, Ohio

Who We Are
Steam plant construction in 1923

Steam plant construction in 1923

The Medical Center Company (MCCo) is dedicated to providing reliable, low-cost energy to the key institutions within University Circle.  MCCo was formed in 1932 as a not-for-profit corporation in an effort to consolidate and conserve energy distribution within the non-profit corporations of University Circle.  The corporation’s inception was spearheaded by the visionary leaders of:

  • Lakeside Hospital
  • Maternity Hospital of Cleveland
  • Babies and Children’s Hospital of Cleveland
  • The University Hospitals of Cleveland
  • Western Reserve University

For more than 75 years we’ve successfully provided steam, electrical power, compressed air, vacuum, hot-soft water and chilled water to each of our members.  Our primary focus has been to maintain and service the equipment necessary to provide reliable, low-cost utility services to our member institutions. 
This centralized energy solution is referred to as a District Energy System in which multiple buildings receive heating and cooling energy from one centralized plant.  The effective partnership between MCCo and the organizations within University Circle is committed to improving energy efficiencies and advancing technologies which directly benefit the environment and our local economy. 
Today our customers include:

  • University Hospitals of Cleveland
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • The Cleveland Museum of Art
  • The Church of the Covenant
  • The Musical Arts Association
  • The Cleveland Botanical Garden
  • The Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center
    Existing Steam Plant

    Existing Steam Plant

  • The Cleveland Medical Library Association
  • The Cleveland Institute of Art
  • Severance Hall

All of the corporate members are located in the area designated as University Circle in Cleveland, Ohio. All of our members are organized and operated exclusively for educational, charitable or religious purposes and as such are tax exempt institutions.
For more information about the procedures and guidelines of MCCo visit the Procedures and Guidelines section of the website.  You will find general terms and conditions, design guidelines and installation requirements.

The Medical Center Company
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The Medical Center Company