The District Energy System of the Medical Center Company

District Energy Systems at the Medical Center Company

The centralized energy supply solution that MCCo provides University Circle isn’t unique.  In fact the model, called a District Energy System, is used in most major cities, college and university campuses.  A 1992 Census by the US Department of Energy estimates there are over 2500 district energy systems operating in the United States.

It just makes sense.

Consolidating the energy source to one primary supplier saves money through economies of scale and allows for more effective equipment maintenance, as well as freeing up space in each of the buildings that would have required separate heating and cooling supply sources. The District Energy system optimizes the use of fuels, power and resources within the community which saves money and is environmentally friendly.

District Energy SystemsThe Medical Center Company’s District Energy System produces and pipes steam, hot water or chilled water underground through a dedicated piping network which in turn heats and cools the buildings within its network.
For more information on the benefits of District Energy Systems or how they are used throughout the United States, visit the International District Energy Association.




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