Strategic Planning Process

The Medical Center Company is a private, non-profit district energy company. It was established more than three-quarters of a century ago to provide for the energy needs of its member institutions, non-profit organizations located in University Circle. MCCo’s mission is to provide utility services to our members at a competitive market price with superior reliability and service. MCCo’s board has now directed the company to continue its mission with a greater commitment to sustainability.

MCCo currently generates steam for heat using four natural gas-fired boilers and two coal-fired boilers. The gas boilers have been installed over the years to support growth in demand; in fact, all growth in MCCo’s steam generating capacity during the past 40 years has been provided by natural gas-fired boilers. By the end of 2011, MCCo will complete a plan for the conversion to a coal-free production facility, including the replacement of the remaining two coal-fired boilers.

MCCo’s conversion to a totally coal-free production facility is part of a comprehensive plan to meet the future energy needs of MCCo’s members. The planning process will carefully evaluate the feasibility of co-generation of heat and electricity using conventional, natural gas-fired equipment. It will also evaluate inclusion of alternative energy capabilities in the MCCo generation mix. Beyond its current energy production activities, MCCo expects to lead an aggressive demand-side management program, supporting the conservation and efficiency efforts of its member institutions.

The planning process will:

  • determine energy and power production requirements and how those requirements will be met;
  • assess MCCo’s existing site and determine whether additional space or a new site is required, both for energy generation and for a second electrical delivery point (substation);
  • establish goals for alternative energy production; and
  • establish goals for demand management and reduction.

Many of the institutions MCCo serves are developing their own climate action plans. MCCo’s planning process will support these initiatives.




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