Steam Generation at the Medical Center Company of Cleveland, Ohio

A primary way MCCo provides energy to the institutions of University Circle is through the use of steam from water tube boilers which are fired by either coal or natural gas. Steam is delivered to our customers at a pressure of 70 pounds per square inch (psig). The boilers operate efficiently providing a total steam capacity of 500,000 pounds of steam per hour at a moderately high pressure of 150 psig.

Both the coal and natural gas fired boilers are maintained and optimized to assure minimal pollutant formation without sacrificing operational effectiveness, reliability or efficiency.

As a result of the emissions management systems we have put in place, our facilities have operated well below the regulated Ohio EPA limitations. In fact, they have historically been less than half the amount allowed by the Ohio EPA.

Future Steam Generation Capabilities

For the past 40 years, every additional BTU of generation capacity has moved beyond coal, utilizing natural gas-fired boilers. Plans are currently in place to install an additional 100,000 lb per hour (pph) natural gas boiler. This boiler will provide additional reliability and capacity to meet future expansion of our customers’ facilities.





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