Energizing University Circle


Serving the Energy Needs of University Circle


Our Mission:

The Medical Center Company (MCCo) is focused on providing utility services to its members with a strong emphasis on reliability, competitive pricing, safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. This mission statement highlights several key points:

  • Utility Services: MCCo's primary focus is on delivering utility services. These services include steam, chilled water, electricity, hot water, compressed air, vacuum services and other essential resources that members rely on.
  • Competitive Market Price: MCCo aims to provide utility services below competitive market price. We are committed to offering the lowest reasonable rates to our members.
  • Superior Reliability and Service: Reliability and service quality are critical aspects of MCCo's mission. We prioritize ensuring our members can depend on a consistent, reliable, high level of service.
  • Safety: Safety is the top priority for MCCo. We place our highest emphasis to protect our employees and the communities we serve.
  • Efficiency: MCCo seeks to continually optimize our operations to provide the lowest service cost achievable to our members.
  • Environmental Responsibility: MCCo is committed to conducting its operations in an environmentally responsible manner by focusing efforts to reduce carbon emissions, minimize resource consumption, maximize efficiencies, and invest in sustainable energy sources.

MCCo is committed to serving its members by providing essential utility services while prioritizing reliability, competitive pricing, safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Our Members:

MCCo was formed in 1932 as a not-for-profit corporation in an effort to consolidate and conserve energy distribution within the non-profit corporations of University Circle.

All of our members are located in the area designated as University Circle in Cleveland, Ohio. Our members are organized and operated exclusively for educational, charitable or religious purposes. As such, all members are tax exempt institutions.

Our Model:

This centralized energy solution is referred to as a District Energy System. This model is not unique. In fact, it is used in most major cities, college and university campuses. The International District Energy Association has over 660 district energy systems operating in the United States.

The consolidation of energy provision to a single primary supplier offers numerous benefits. It results in cost savings through economies of scale, facilitates more efficient equipment maintenance, and eliminates the need for dedicated utility supply sources within individual buildings. Moreover, the District Energy system optimizes the utilization of fuels, power, resources, and labor within the community, resulting in both cost savings and a more environmentally sustainable operation.