Energizing University Circle


Serving the Energy Needs of University Circle


Our Mission:

The Medical Center Company (MCCo) provides utility services to our members at a competitive market price with superior reliability and service. We carry out our mission safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our Members:

MCCo was formed in 1932 as a not-for-profit corporation in an effort to consolidate and conserve energy distribution within the non-profit corporations of University Circle.

All of our members are located in the area designated as University Circle in Cleveland, Ohio. Our members are organized and operated exclusively for educational, charitable or religious purposes. As such, all members are tax exempt institutions.

Our Model:

This centralized energy solution is referred to as a District Energy System. This model is not unique. In fact, it is used in most major cities, college and university campuses. A 1992 Census by the US Department of Energy estimates there are over 2,500 district energy systems operating in the United States.

Consolidating the energy source to one primary supplier saves money through economies of scale and allows for more effective equipment maintenance, as well as freeing up space in each of the buildings that would have required separate heating and cooling supply sources. The District Energy system optimizes the use of fuels, power and resources within the community, saving money and operating in a more environmentally friendly manner.