Energizing University Circle

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Medical Center Company?
A. The non-profit Medical Center Company (MCCo) is a district energy system that was created in 1932 to provide steam heat for some of the founding institutions in the University Circle area. It has been a vital part of the neighborhood ever since, efficiently providing steam heat, electricity, chilled water, domestic hot water, compressed air, and vacuum services to its institutional members.

Q. What is a district energy system?
A. A district energy system is a centralized, energy-efficient method of heating and cooling buildings. Steam, hot water and/or chilled water are produced at a nearby plant and then distributed for heating, hot water and/or air conditioning. District energy systems are commonly used on college campuses, hospital complexes and dense urban areas. The proximity of the plant to its members makes such a system efficient and reliable.

Q. Who are MCCo's members?
A. MCCo's members include University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland Botanical Gardens, The Musical Arts Association (Severance Hall), Cleveland Medical Library Association and the Church of the Covenant.

Q. Does MCCo save its members money?
A. Yes, producing on-site energy at below market rates saves MCCo members millions of dollars per year. These substantial savings benefit member institutions by allowing them to upgrade facilities and hire the best and brightest employees. MCCo's members are significant contributors to Cleveland's economy and the lower energy rates they receive from MCCo help them remain competitive.

Q. Is MCCo a reliable source of energy?
A. Absolutely. The Medical Center Company has been providing utility services to its members since 1932.  MCCo has become a reliable and cost-efficient full-service provider for its University Circle members.

Q. Where is MCCo located?
A. MCCo is located at 2250 Circle Drive, Cleveland, Ohio at the intersection of Adelbert Road and Circle Drive.

Q. How does MCCo generate energy?
A. The Medical Center Company currently uses: