Energizing University Circle

The purpose of the EEF is to create a self-sustaining financing mechanism for MCCo Members to utilize when implementing energy efficiency projects in their facilities. The fund will complement MCCo’s Energy Audit and Utility Assessment project, which was approved by the Executive Committee on September 29, 2011. Understanding that the success of an energy audit depends on the implementation of the recommended efficiency projects, MCCo is eager to provide such an implementation tool to support its Members in their energy efficiency endeavors. The overarching goal of both the Energy Audit and Utility Assessment project and the Energy Efficiency Grant Fund is to reduce MCCo’s energy costs by reducing the energy consumption of the Member Institutions, the end users. Participating Member Institutions will be required to sign a Grant Participant and Energy Savings Agreement which includes the project description, grant amount, repayment schedule and energy savings reporting requirements.

Important Program Documents: 

EEF Program Policy

EEF Fund Application