Energizing University Circle

Steam Generation at the Medical Center Company of Cleveland, Ohio

MCCo provides steam at a pressure of 85 pounds per square inch (psig) to the majority of institutions in University Circle. The steam is produced by two coal-fired boilers and five natural gas boilers with a combined total capacity of 600,000 pounds of steam per hour. All of MCCo's boilers are maintained and operated with the goal of minimizing pollutant emissions while maximizing reliability and efficiency. MCCo strives to meet all EPA mandated monitoring requirements in order to ensure that emissions remain below allowable limits.

Future Steam Generation Capabilities

For the past 40 years, every additional BTU of steam generation capacity has moved beyond coal, utilizing natural gas-fired boilers. In 2011, MCCo installed a new 100,000 pound per hour (pph) natural gas boiler. This boiler will provide additional reliability and capacity to meet the needs of our members' facility expansions.