Energizing University Circle

Medical Center Company Moving Beyond Coal

As part of its efforts to help member institutions move toward sustainable energy practices, Medical Center Company has committed to become coal-free.

Actually, MCCo has been moving in this direction for the past 40 years by installing natural gas-fired boilers to meet the growing needs of its members.

Acting on an Executive Committee decision made in 2010, the company has begun the process for replacement of the plant's two remaining coal-fired boilers. The company has no plans to establish any new coal-fired production facilities.

In addition, the company will be working with its members to look into the feasibility of alternative energy capabilities, and is currently developing a program to support the energy conservation efforts of its member institutions.

Through its ongoing planning process, MCCo will determine energy and power production requirements and how those requirements will be met. The company also will assess its existing site and decide whether additional space or new locations are required for enhanced energy generation and delivery.

For a description of MCCo's strategic planning process, which includes moving beyond coal, please see our Strategic Planning Process