Energizing University Circle

Strategic Planning Process

MCCo's Commitment

The Medical Center Company is a non-profit district energy company. For more than three-quarters of a century, MCCo has safely, efficiently and reliably delivered steam, electrical power and chilled water to heat, light and cool Cleveland’s educational, cultural and health care institutions in the University Circle neighborhood. MCCo has provided its non-profit members with below-market energy prices and services they can count on while operating in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

District energy systems are a highly efficient way to heat and cool many buildings from a central plant. Providing heating and cooling from a central plant requires less fuel and enables MCCo members to avoid the cost of installing separate systems in each building. As part of its mission, MCCo works to reduce its impact on the environment. To meet growing demand from its members over the past 40+ years, MCCo has added cleaner gas-fired boilers to supplement its older coal-fired boilers.

MCCo's Challenge

In 2006, faced with the necessity of replacing its 40-year-old coal-fired boilers, MCCo commenced a strategic planning process to assess needed investment in its aging steam generation facilities. MCCo recognized that it must develop and implement a strategy to provide the most efficient, environmentally responsible and reliable energy production possible to the non-profits that deliver vital medical and educational services and economic benefit to the community.

In advancing that process in 2010, the Company determined that there would be no new investment in coal-fired steam generators, and that the existing coal-fired generators would be phased out.

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