Energizing University Circle

The Electric Distribution System of the Medical Center Company

MCCo operates and maintains an electric distribution system that delivers power to most of our member institutions. Because MCCo receives power at a single delivery point, we are able to leverage load aggregation and long-term power purchase agreements to obtain significant savings that we pass on to our customers.

In 1996, MCCo completed installation of a 138 kV electric substation which provided a direct interconnection with Cleveland Public Power. The substation contains two 75 MVA transformers which reduce the voltage to 11 kV for delivery to MCCo's members. In 2011, MCCo upgraded the capacity of the substation to meet the future growth needs of its members.

Electric distributionThe Medical Center Company also owns and operates 5.6 MW of emergency backup generation. These diesel-fired emergency generating units provide reliability for critical-need facilities and also allow MCCo to maintain some cooling system capacity in the event of a local or regional power outage.